What Kind of Furniture Would Be the Best Investment for Me?

ROF, Inc. specializes in making the best furniture available to you for an investment comparable to what you would make for grade "B" furniture at other furniture dealers.  Names like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Topy, and others promise you durable products that are built to last for years of service.  You can afford the good stuff with our refurbished and pre-owned furniture options.  Our guarantee to match your existing furniture year after year allows you to add additional office furniture as you grow.

ROF, Inc. offers a big selection in pre-owned furniture.
Pre-owned furnishings may be limited in selection, but offer tremendous value to the party looking for a small one-time setup.  ROF pre-owned has a concentration in the same names you have come to expect to deliver quality and durability.

ROF, Inc. specializes in refurbished furnishings.
ROF Refurbished furnishings offer you the appearance and versatility of new furniture -- it lacks only the price tag.  With ROF Refurbished, you get grade "A" furnishings for grade "B" pricing.

ROF, Inc. occasionally has new furnishings available.
A limited selection of new furnishings may be available.  ROF offers only the deepest discounts in new furnishings.